online password manager – PasswordBox 2017

PasswordBox Unlimited is a password manager that performs a number of tasks that are quite basic in comparison to other password keepers. It is simple to install and use PasswordBox. You can import passwords from other password managers: 1Password, LastPass, RoboForm, Dashlane or KeePass.


PasswordBox saves time if you are starting fresh. You do not need to navigate to the pages you frequent because PasswordBox has a menu with the most popular sites. Just click on a site, enter your username and password, and it becomes part of your PasswordBox account. So there is a one-click login for that site from that moment on. PasswordBox will also automatically record your login information as you surf and shop. When you change a password, you click an Update button and PasswordBox will save the new password. A password generator within PasswordBox proposes new passwords and rates current ones. It also estimates the length of time each new password would take to crack.

Good password managers offer easy ways to share logins without compromising your entire account. PasswordBox lets you share passwords without having to actually email sensitive information. The person you share a login with receives a link and is able to access the specified site until you disable access.

Consider what would happen to your personal account information if you were to suddenly pass away. PasswordBox lets you assign a digital heir. Only your heir will have access to your accounts, and only after validation of your death certificate. If you don???t think you have much of a digital legacy to bequeath, with all the social media, blogging, photo storage and everything else we all do, you might be surprised.

You can add devices to your account to have PasswordBox functionality on iPhones, iPads, and Android phones and tablets. PasswordBox also works with Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Safari and Opera.

PasswordBox does not provide the same automatic form-filling capacity as competing password organizers. You can copy and paste credit card information from your PasswordBox account, but it will not fill it in for you automatically. It does fill in usernames and passwords, however, whether you are on your phone or desktop computer.

Customer service is by email only. There are video tutorials that are helpful.

PasswordBox is among the most user-friendly of secure password managers. Setup is easy, and so is the user interface. It supports the same operating systems, browsers and mobile devices as most of its competitors. Unfortunately, it has fewer features than most.