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If you work for the government or contract work for the government, then eQuest might be the best job listing service for you. This job posting solution makes sure that you fulfill the regulations set forth by the Office of Federal Commonplace Programs (OFCCP). These regulations state that you have to post job ads to a certain number of diversity sites, if you’re working for the government. However, you may want to use another job posting service as well in order to get your listing on some of the major job sites.


eQuest lists your job posting on over one thousand sites, which is quite impressive when compared to other job listing services we reviewed. On the other hand, they don’t post on many of the heavy-hitters in the job posting world, which is disappointing. We would have liked to see them post on such boards as Craigslist, JuJu and CareerJet. These sites are used frequently by people searching for employment.

This job posting service, however does post to a large number of diversity sites. Supported diversity sites include

This job posting solution will also send you screenshots of your job postings on various job diversity sites. If you ever are audited and need proof that you posted your job ads to diversity sites, you’ll have it.

In addition to national online job boards, eQuest will help you advertise your company???s open jobs by posting your job ads to local websites, such as sites of colleges and universities, state offices, community-based organizations, school districts and vocational centers. They also specifically post the jobs to organizations within a 50-mile radius of the job, which is very helpful when you need the position filled quickly.

eQuest also has an impressive feature called Prophecy, which is a predictive analytic tool. Prophecy will predict the cost per click of job advertisement and how many clicks the job posting will get, depending on the job and location. This is a feature unique to eQuest and it will help you manage your budget before you spend the money on another job board.

When using this web service, you’ll get unlimited postings to all 50 states in the U.S. You’ll also be able to post in the District of Colombia, Puerto Rico, the U.S. Virgin Islands and Guam. In addition, you’ll be given access to multiple international job boards, which can help you find the candidate you need to fill the position, no matter where they are. eQuest also integrates easily with social networks and niche job boards, for additional variety.

You can control every aspect of hiring from one interface when using eQuest. You can also use the administration system to control who has access to the job listing, send automatic email notices when your job board inventory is low and control how many jobs are posted on each board. It wasn’t as easy to use as other services we reviewed, but with a little time, you’ll be able to figure out how to use it properly.

If you have any problems when using eQuest or just need some clarification, you can contact their customer support team by phone or by email. They also have a FAQs page and free webinars to help you learn how you can utilize all the tools eQuest offers. Overall, we were quite impressed with this job posting service’s support team.

If you are involved with government jobs, then you will need to follow a variety of guidelines, including posting on diversity boards. eQuest is the most effective job listing service we found at following OFCCP regulations and ensuring you post on as many diversity boards as possible. Nevertheless, it misses the mark by neglecting some other major job boards and the interface, though simple, requires a little more effort than some other services. Still eQuest is one of the top ten job posting services available today, and it is backed up by excellent customer support.