online it training services – TestOut, 2017

TestOut provides online training for IT professionals and academics. Its LabSim programs give students hands-on experience with the software and tools they are being taught. TestOut is also affiliated with various other learning institutions such as DeVry, the University of Phoenix, ITT Tech, Georgetown, Syracuse and more. While the company provides training services for large corporations, it also offers online IT training for individuals looking to move into a new career path.

TestOut provides certification testing and training in a number of important security products. Each online computer training module prepares the student for a written exam. Certification is then awarded when the exam is passed. There are fees associated with taking each course and separate fees for exam administration. All classes are available on demand, which should make scheduling simpler for busy professionals.

Its LabSim programs include extensive training in Windows Server and client applications, routers and switching (including certification in Cisco CCNA), Linux, security administration and network administration. For example, the Network Pro certification is composed of 79 videos, 81 written exercises, 56 lab sessions, 31 demonstrations, 65 quizzes and 573 total exam questions. LabSim offers a simulated environment where students can test their skills on live examples of servers they would be using in a professional setting.

Pricing for coursework is not provided online. You must inquire directly with TestOut for each online certification program. Individual course lengths are not indicated in the online course catalog. It’s also not clear what online reference materials are available. Prior to purchasing textbooks, students are provided with specific codes from their instructors. Students enter these codes on TestOut’s virtual bookstore to download those texts electronically. Online lesson plans are available for download that can be modified by the student according to individual needs.

So far, TestOut does not have any mobile apps available for its courses or exams. It is not a formally accredited academic institution and should be considered for professional training only. If you need to accumulate credits toward a bachelor’s or master’s degree, you may want to look elsewhere.

TestOut has a number of certification paths available for IT professionals. You’ll need to inquire directly for pricing and specifics regarding course lengths. TestOut is not formally accredited, and college credits are not available. All classes are available on demand but none were offered on mobile devices at the time of this writing.