online image hosting – Webshots 2017

Webshots Gold online image hosting service allows you to upload your photos and store them online. The company also offers some excellent features for amateur photographers who are trying to be noticed. With this service, you can upload an unlimited number of photographs to keep safe and secure in the cloud. You will also enjoy the community that Webshots Gold offers.


Webshots Gold will appeal to anyone who is interested in looking at or taking great photos. The first page of the website offers a glimpse into the work of professional and amateur photographers. We like that the site is willing to display the work of those who are trying to break into the business of being full-time photographers. The image-hosting service also gives you the flexibility to create and share your photos with anyone of your choosing.

Uploading videos and photos to Webshots Gold is not difficult, and you can do it several different ways. You can download the free desktop software, perform a web upload that allows you to search for files one at a time or perform a multiple-file upload. We like that this image-hosting site supports both PC and Mac users.

We really like the desktop software that you can download from this image hosting site. With this software, you can make calendars, animated photo screensavers and wallpapers without any coding experience at all. This is a great option for anyone who wants to make their own customized gear for their computers but have little to no technical knowledge.

You can also download animated photo screensavers, calendars and wallpapers that are made from other members’ photos. The site offers a place for premium members to post their creations for others to use free of charge.

While you can do plenty of unique things with your photos on Webshots Gold, such as creating and sending a postcard of your favorite photo, you cannot create any printed material. You do have the option to download photos in several different formats including hi-res and widescreen, which you can use to print them off at home. We would really like to see this image hosting company add some printing services.

Webshots Gold is simple to use. While there are buttons and options everywhere, they are self-explanatory. The site does not offer a whole lot of features, but the ones it does offer are listed on the right-hand side of your photo. Some of these features include tagging your photo, linking to your photo, commenting on your photo and even rotating it. The site also includes buttons below your image that allow you to download the photograph or share it on Facebook.

This image hosting service offers a good base of customer support. The company has a nice list of FAQs on its website, which answered all of the questions we had when reviewing the product. The company also offers an email form you can complete to get answers to more intensive questions. However, we would like to see a user forum or live chat support added to the list of help sections.

Webshots Gold is a good place to consider when you are searching for an online image hosting site, especially if you are just starting out in the world of photography. Because the company showcases both professional and member photos on the site’s front page, you have a great shot at being discovered. We would like to see this image hosting site also offer a few printing services. However, if you are not interested in creating prints, this is a great place to keep your photos safe and secure online.