online business plan services – Funding Roadmap 2017

Funding Roadmap is a very specific online business plan service. Rather than focusing on startup businesses or encompassing all business outline types, Funding Roadmap concentrates specifically on companies looking to secure venture capital loans or other funding sources. While this means the company is limited in its services and resources compared to other business plan services, it also means what it does provide is invaluable in helping you secure funding for your business.


Funding Roadmap is a great tool for creating an SBA-compliant business plan specifically for investment and funding purposes. It has several sample business plans that you can reference while writing your own. It also has several tutorials on some best practices for not only creating your business outline, but how to pitch your idea in the best way to investors. It warns of common mistakes and offers pointers on how to tell if an investor is legitimate or a possible scam.

This online business plan service has collaborated with several certified advisers that you can tap into for additional advice and direction. Some of these partners are venture capitalist firms, angel networks and private investors that you can pitch your idea to and possibly secure funding.

Even though Funding Roadmap focuses on business funding and investments, it does provide a cloud-based business plan maker that you can use to create other types of business plans. However, since most of the help and tips, including business plan samples and templates, are geared towards bank loans, it’s difficult to create a plan with a different focus without searching out additional resources.

Since Funding Roadmap doesn’t work with you directly as a business plan service, it doesn’t have a lot of communication tools to connect you with support personnel. There is no telephone support available, nor does the website have a live chat feature. You can send an email using the support email address provided on the website. Funding Roadmap is also on several social media sites, including Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook, all with support options available through its pages.

Funding Roadmap is a tool specifically for finding small business funding and investment options. While there are limitations on the types of business plans you can create with the samples and resources available, you can use the information to create impressive SBA-compliant outlines for presenting your business venture to investors. Funding Roadmap doesn’t have a lot to offer for startup companies, but there are plenty of resources to tap into if you are looking for ways to fund your business venture.