oil heaters – NewAir, 2017

The NewAir AH-450B is a 5120 Btu oil-filled space heater that can heat a small- or medium-sized room up to 150 square feet. It has a two-prong plug that you can plug into a standard wall outlet. You can use it to heat small rooms in your home or warm up your office or cubicle space.

Unlike electric space heaters or oil burners, this radiator provides a safe source of heat. The radiator draws electricity to gently heat the mineral oil inside of it and radiate warmth. Unlike other space heaters, this unit is quiet, and there is no exposed heating element. Radiators circulate air by convection so there is no fan and they are much safer than electric coil space heaters, which can be a fire hazard.

For additional safety, this model includes a visual alarm that flashes if the heater gets too hot. It also has an overheat protection feature that turns the unit off if it overheats, and a tip-over protection feature that shuts the unit down if it is accidentally tipped over.

This oil-filled radiator sits on four casters and has handles so you can move it from room to room. This unit weighs a little more than 17 pounds and fits well in small spaces. It features a timer, temperature control, and a remote control so you can turn up the heat from across the room. You can set the timer to turn the heater on or off automatically.

This oil heater is efficient. It has three modes: high, low and eco mode. On high, it operates at around 1500 watts and on low, it operates on 900 watts. The eco mode conserves energy while maintaining the temperature by alternating between high and low mode.

The NewAir AH-450B can be a good option for anyone looking for a safe and quiet way to heat a small- to medium-sized room. This oil-filled radiator heats up to 150 square feet. It has an electronic control panel that displays the timer, temperature and mode settings. In addition, unlike other radiator-style heaters, this unit comes with a convenient remote control. This oil-filled heater is a convenient way to heat most spaces, but the surface can get hot, so those with curious pets and small children need to be sure it is safely out of their reach.