office equipment leasing – Rush Computer Rentals

Rush Computer Rentals is one of the largest technology rental companies in the United States. With its dominant national presence, Rush is able to fulfill all of your short-term and multi-month electronic needs, whether it is a couple of computers or thousands of laptops. Since they are an industry leader, you can feel confident you will be renting high quality equipment. Rush Computer Rentals is worth considering for your office equipment renting needs.


Rush can make sure you have all of the computers, laptops, internet servers and mobile devices you company needs to get your projects done in a timely and professional manner. You are not limited to PC options, as Rush has a great variety of Apple products, too, including iMacs, iPads, MacBook Pros and Mac Pro Towers.

You aren’t limited to electronic rentals, either. Rush has a nice variety of printers, scanner and copiers available. Both inkjet and wireless printing technology is available, and you can choose either a color or monotone printer. Rush also has several multifunction printers available, so you can have a printer, scanner, copier and fax machine all in one device. If you need several to get that big printing project done on time, you can rent a couple of printers – or several hundred – from Rush.

Rush is able to offer several different leasing options due to its stellar reputation as an equipment rental company. Rush is certified to handle military and government contracts. It can create a solution for your tradeshow presentation or offer computer rentals for special events. If your specialty is medical or scientific research, Rush has electronic data capture and clinical trial analysis applications that can help through the research process. Rush also has used computers and equipment available for purchase through their website.

Rush offers excellent customer service to ensure you are never alone during the rental process. You can easily connect with customer service personnel through the live chat feature on the Rush website. Email and telephone support is also available. Rush offers next-day delivery and professional setup of any equipment you rent from them.

Rush is recognized as a top office equipment and computer rental company. With great support options and variable lease terms, coupled with the broad range of industries it is capable of handling, Rush is a reliable choice for your office equipment rental needs.