nutrition software – Weightmania Pro 2017

Weightmania Pro is exceptional nutrition software with an emphasis on fitness. It stands out among the software in our review and earns the Top Ten Reviews Silver Award. Weightmania Pro tracks your weight, daily nutrition and fitness goals and gives you regular updates on your progress as well as some pointers on how to improve your diet and exercise routine. The food database is extensive, customizable and wrapped in a clean user interface that is easy to use. Weightmania Pro truly excels in their customer service.

Diet Management

Weightmania Pro is built on the premise that great health is unlocked by balanced fitness. You can only achieve true results if you make an effort on both nutrition and exercise in tandem rather than separately. You have a number of options with this software for personal use such as PC and Mac versions, an online version and an app for iOS devices. The built-in calendar is a way to track your health over the long term. The desktop version lets you have up to two users. There are many different calculators in Weightmania Pro to track body mass index, percentage of body fat and much more.

The nutrient history in Weightmania Pro also doubles as a calorie counter and informs you how you can develop your diet and track over a hundred different factors in your diet. Your goals, body measurements, medical conditions and weight history are easily accessible and easy to maintain. If you get tired of looking at numbers when you use Weightmania Pro, you can also view the data in helpful graphs and reports that summarize, and this information is easier to digest.

Weightmania Pro has a large food database that will help you keep a detailed and informative food log. Each of the entries in the food database promotes good nutrition by telling you exactly which nutrients are included with that food in the form of a nutrient summary. You can even add your own custom food items if you can’t find them in the database. Do you have a favorite food that you eat frequently? Just add it to the favorites so you don’t have to search the database each time you eat it.

If you often eat fast food or brand name foods, you can look the food up by its name and get detailed nutritional data. With this feature, you no longer have to fear fast food and can balance that out with healthy food. The calorie bank keeps track of the food that you eat and transfers any unused calories to the next day so you can splurge a little and have some cake.

While many nutrition applications let you add recipes into the program for future use, Weightmania Pro only seems to let you add the nutritional content from the recipes. You can plan your meals by adding them to the food log and it will tell you if that day’s plan will get you all of your important nutrients. The true strength of Weightmania Pro lies in its exercise features. You can choose from hundreds of different exercises that go into your exercise log. Keep track of which muscle groups you need to work on and how much cardio you do each day with these exercise features.

General Nutrition

Weightmania Pro is easy to navigate with a simple user interface. You can get to every feature in the application from the home screen. If you get lost, you can always go back to that screen to find out where you were or to use a different feature.

You can contact Edward A. Greenwood Inc. if you have any issues with Weightmania Pro. They are available via email or phone. You can also look at the FAQs on their website to try to fix the problem yourself. There is no user forum to share experiences and tips with other users of the software.

Weightmania Pro is an excellent choice if you’re looking for nutrition software that focuses not just on your diet but also your physical fitness. The extensive features are powerful and helpful. The large food and exercise databases are full, useful entries and are expandable. The software is easy to use and comes with comprehensive technical support. This is one tool you definitely should consider in your quest to be more healthy.

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