noise cancelling headphones – Sony MDR-1RNC 2017

Very rarely does one find such a well-balanced set of noise cancellation headphones. The Sony MDR-1RNC headphones do an extremely good job of producing clear, comprehensive sound without admitting outside distractions or inducing headaches. Out of all the pairs we’ve reviewed, the Sony MDR-1RNC headphones are some of the most well designed, easy to wear and fun to listen to. They earn the Top Ten Reviews Silver award for their superior sound quality and customer support.


Simply put, these sound-cancelling headphones sound great. A 5-24,000 hertz frequency range exceeds the 20-20,000 human hearing range in both directions. You’ll especially be able to hear all the deep bass of your favorite dance hits and the high treble of flutes and sopranos in classical music. Impedance is also low, at 52 ohms on and 16 ohms off, these headphones won’t use up too much battery life from your phone or music device.; Musical hues and vibrancy are easy to hear with these top noise cancellation headphones. With a sensitivity rating of 103 decibels on and 100 decibels off, they will fill your ear s with an enthusiastic soundscape. The higher the sensitivity, the more tone and definition you can hear from your music and movie soundtracks. A large driver also aids the sound quality in this set. At 50mm, this driver is the largest of all the noise-cancelling headphones we’ve reviewed. The wider the driver diameter, the better the energy and details will sound.; Active sound cancellation is reduced up to 13 decibels with this pair, which is much less than other top 10 noise-cancelling headphones. However, combined with the design and your music or audiobooks, the relative sound cancelled is much higher.

The best headphones are hassle-free and have features to make your life easier. On long trips, you don’t want to worry about battery power. The good news is that the MDR-1RNC headphones have an internal battery that lasts up to 30 hours. A simple USB charger comes with this pair so you can recharge your active noise cancellation.; If you so desire, you can listen without the battery in passive mode. Passive mode works very much like noise isolating headphones, which use the design of the ear cups to block noise instead of using battery-powered technology to actively cancel noise. A convenient remote and attached mic are located on the cord, making answering phone calls and changing tracks easy from any Apple device.

Although these are not wireless noise-cancelling headphones, the MDR-1RNCs are one of three other MDR models, including the standard MDR-1Rs and the MDR-1RBT Bluetooth editions. The noise-cancelling version is among the most well-designed headphones we reviewed. Weighing in at 11.7 ounces, they are heavier than some, but sit snugly and comfortably on your head. The headband of the MDR-1RNCs doesn’t clamp your head or cause splitting headaches. Sitting over your ears, the especially plush and soft ear cups don’t sit directly on your ears or create excess pressure.; On the run or out on the town, the MDR-1RNCs are a good set to take with you. Whether you’re waiting for a flight at the airport or running to catch a train, these good noise-cancelling headphones are easy to store and use. The included carrying case has space for the detachable cord and the foldable headphones themselves.

As always, Sony’s support is built to cater to your needs. Not only is the company reachable via email or phone, Sony also has an easy-to-use online chat feature. We’ve found that Sony responds quickly to emails and inquiries. A full one-year warranty covers these noise-blocking headphones as well. Although defects are rare, if you do have an issue within the first year, no worries because Sony has your headphones protected.

Compared with other noise-reducing headphones, the Sony MDR-1RNC headphones are near the front of the pack when it comes to superb sound quality and overall comfort. Even with minor shortcomings, the MDR-1RNCs are extremely convenient to listen to and wear at home, at the office or on the road. Listening to movies, audiobooks, music, podcasts and more is simple, and the MDR-1NCs will produce sound quality like other headphones couldn’t dream of.



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