noise cancelling headphones – Able Planet Clear Harmony NC1050 2017

The Able Planet Clear Harmony NC 1050 sound-cancelling headphones have an over-ear design, a high sensitivity rating and decent noise-blocking capabilities. With or without batteries, you can listen to all your favorite audiobooks or albums with ease.; For noise-reduction headphones, the Clear Harmony NC 1050s have a wide range of sound. Sensitivity above 100dB allows you to hear subtle fluctuations of sound, which creates a better soundscape. With a rating of 121dB for sensitivity, these headphones are a joy to listen to. A 40mm driver also allows for increased sound quality along with a 20-20,000Hz frequency range for bass and treble notes.; For active noise cancellation, simply insert two AAA batteries and let the headphones do their job. Even when the batteries run out, these noise-cancelling headphones can still play music, just in the passive mode. Like with the best noise-cancelling headphones an inline remote allows you to change the track or volume without having to fumble with your smartphone or iPod.; These easy-to-use headphones have a detachable cord and easy fold structure for convenient storage. A traveling case is also provided to protect your headphones and cords. The over-ear design of the ear cups help this set to block outside interference even when the active noise-cancelling feature is turned off. This set weighs in at 8.5oz, which is about average when it comes to this type of device. They???re not heavy enough to cause major discomfort after a few hours, but they would be a little uncomfortable to sleep in.; Able Planet has a few contact options if you need any help or technical support. You can email or call representatives directly and in our experience, there is a fast response rate. In addition, an online manual for their entire product line is available for download from the website. However, we were disappoint in the lack of an online chat feature or a simple FAQs page.


Compared with the top 10 noise-cancelling headphones the Clear Harmony NC 1050s have a wide soundscape, good features and a solid design, but are missing a few support features to help them rank higher. Although the frequency range isn???t expansive and the manufacturer???s website doesn???t have a live chat feature this set is still a good choice for noise-cancelling headphones.