mp3 players – Sandisk Sansa E260 4GB

The successor to the e250, the Sandisk Sansa e260 includes many of the same features, has subscription music support, and is considered an excellent alternative to the iPod Nano.

The Sandisk Sansa e260 features 4gb of memory, a 20 hour battery life, 1.8 inch-screen and video and picture support. The Sansa e260 supports MP3 files and WMA files (protected and unprotected) making this device compatible with most subscription services. Additional features include FM radio and built-in microphone.

Users tout the Sandisk Sansa e260 as a great iPod Nano alternative, particularly for those who prefer to use Windows Media Player for file transfer. However, some found the mechanical click wheel and bundled software to be cumbersome.

For those familiar with Window Media Player who are looking for an affordable MP3 player with a well-rounded set of features, look no farther.