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Clever titles aside, MP3 Audio Converter v4.4 is a solid MP3 converter. It is easy to navigate and it’s clear that EZ SoftMagic Inc. knows what they are doing when it comes to developing audio software for your computer.


Standout Features

Frankly, MP3 Audio Converter isn’t breaking any new ground. It’s a solid converter with solid input and output support. You can drag your files and folders into the workspace. You can convert one file at a time or a group of files. With this in mind, it is hard to argue against the price. This MP3 encoder is one of the more reasonably priced packages. Keep in mind that this program is the basic package. It will get the job done, but it’s not going to knock your socks off.

The biggest factor that stood out during evaluation was a small detail. But when there are so many MP3 encoders out there, the details are the deciding factors. In the conversion settings, they offer all the same areas of manipulation that the other programs have: bitrate, sample rate, channel, output etc. But EZ SoftMagic Inc. had a stroke of genius and added a list of conversion quality settings.

This list contains a range of options from “HiFi Quality” to “Telephone Quality”. After choosing your output format, you can then select one of the five quality settings. These automatically alter the appropriate settings. The genius is in naming these presets as such, HiFi, CD, FM Radio, AM Radio and Telephone. This gives you a real world comparison point for choosing your audio file parameters. All these variables for each format type don’t mean much to anyone without an audio engineering background. But by adding these settings, you know you probably shouldn’t pick the settings that will make your prized album of Beethoven pieces sound like a telephone conversation. It’s a small detail, but it can make a big difference.

This program will also normalize your audio files as it converts them. This means you can make all your files the same volume. Everyone hates it when the commercials on TV are really loud and the shows barely a whisper. This fixes the same problem for your audio library. No longer will you have to dive for the volume when that one track comes on that is way louder than the rest.


This program supports a wide range of audio files, ranging across the board from lossless to lossy. The chances are good that this program will play nice with your audio library.

This program is relatively easy to use. As mentioned above, the developers wanted to keep it simple for the everyday audio file consumer. This might deter the true audiophiles out there with the presets, and not as many variables to manipulate as some of the more powerful programs. But all in all, its not going to confuse anyone who is familiar with moving files on a computer from one place to another and clicking a button.

The support on the website is minimal. The FAQ is geared more towards purchasing the software than actually using it. But since the program isn’t doing rocket science, you probably won’t need the help if you already had the technology savvy to purchase and download the software.

When you purchase this software, you are guaranteed minor updates, but will have to purchase it again if a major overhaul is created.

MP3 Audio Converter v4.4 from Ez SoftMagic Inc. won’t mystify you. It won’t draw back the wizard’s curtain and illuminate the world of audio file encoding. But it will let you know how you should set the parameters to make your audio files sound like they should. And, this program will make sure that they all come out of your speakers at the same volume. This is a moderate program for moderate users, just enough for those who want just a little more. If you want more check out our other top rated MP3 encoder software.

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