preschool games – Dora Saves the Crystal Kingdom

Dora Saves the Crystal Kingdom will teach your child an impressive range of essential preschool concepts. With a balanced range of preschool games focusing on mathematical skills, reading, arts and music, this software will teach advanced skills that will supplement your child’s learning beyond kindergarten. The game starts by explaining that a greedy king stole the crystals that gave color to the kingdom. Dora and your preschooler need to help Ally complete activities to get the colors back.


The preschool games in this software teach some advanced concepts for preschoolers, such as pre-math and pre-reading. One game asks your preschooler to complete words by picking the first letter. Your child will learn about word families, such as hose, nose and rose. This activity will teach your children basic spelling and help them understand basic word sounds in relation to the corresponding letters. Your child will learn pre-math through counting and pattern activities. We are impressed that the preschool games cover almost every topic we expect a child to learn before kindergarten.

This software falls short because of some of the teaching approaches in the preschool games. The game aims to teach basic Spanish, and sometimes it does so successfully. However, in some of the preschool games, the activities only teach the Spanish vocabulary instead of including both English and Spanish vocabulary. For example, in one counting activity Dora only says the Spanish numbers and not the English numbers, even on the easy mode. This could be confusing for young preschoolers who are still learning English numbers and won???t know the difference between English and Spanish.; Your child can choose between an easy and hard mode to set the preschool games at their education level. There is a noticeable difference between the easy and hard level, so your child will continue to learn by playing the hard level after mastering the easy level. After your child has played the game in the adventure mode, he can play the preschool games in the arcade mode ??? choosing to play which ever game he wants, regardless of its position in the more prescribed adventure mode. There is also an Awards & Prizes section that allows your child to view the earned awards and print coloring activities.

The storyline of this game moves rather quickly and is slightly confusing, which is another reason the game is not ranked as highly as it could be. Dora has to go to different locations and complete different activities to earn the four crystals, and we felt the game didn???t smoothly transition between activities as far as the storyline is concerned. Then again, your preschooler may be so enthralled with the game that she won???t question how we got to a different location and why we are looking for a dragon behind shaped clouds.

This game has an interesting feature. In some activities, your preschooler will move the character around with the keyboard keys just like a video game. This function, along with the advanced math and reading activities, make us think this game may be better suited for older preschool children who are closer to entering kindergarten. Also, the storyline of princesses and castles may appeal more to girl preschoolers.

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Dora Saves the Crystal Kingdom will teach your child advanced pre-math and pre-reading concepts not found in other preschool games. If your child is in the older range of preschool children, we don???t think they will be bothered by the confusing storyline or the activities that teach Spanish without explaining the corresponding English vocabulary. Dora provides a fun experience that will teach your child everything he or she needs to be confident in kindergarten.