photo book – Walgreens Photo, 2017

With a Walgreens on nearly every corner, you can create and pick up your photo book conveniently on the same day. This photo book service offers a wide selection of sizes, covers, templates, layouts and embellishments.


Walgreens has 12 different cover sizes from which to choose. This far exceeds other custom photo book services and includes the popular 5 x 7-inch, 8.5 x 8.5-inch, 8.5 x 11-inch, 12 x 12-inch and 11 x 14-inch size options. You can choose from six different covers, including hardbound, softbound, linen, silk or a dust jacket.

Walgreens focuses on making the experience as simple as possible for you, and the features target designers of all levels. With over 150 templates and predesigned layouts, you simply pick a theme for your photo book and begin inserting your photos. The template designs include those for weddings and vacations, and the service even has backgrounds without themes.

After you upload your photos, the online photo book editor asks to place all of your photos in the book automatically. If you want to create custom layouts and place your photos manually, you can opt out of the autofill function. If you upload any photos that have a low resolution, the online book editor warns you of possible poor print quality, so you can either resize the image or replace it.

The photo book editor does not offer many tools to create your own designs. A new feature lets you add embellishments to your photo book pages, providing you with a variety of stickers the option to add more. You also can add text to any of the pages.

Walgreens’ photo books do not support user collaboration, so your family and friends can’t contribute to the book. However, you can share your photos and your book online once it is completed. The photos are stored on Walgreens’ site so that you can buy prints of the pictures as well. You can share your photo books on websites, Facebook or over email using an embedding code of your book.

In comparison to its competitors, the quality of the Walgreens’ photo books lags behind. While Walgreens leads in processing and printing books in the same day, the books reflect the lack of time spent in their weak bindings and thin pages. If you use low-quality images from your phone or camera, they appear blurry and pixelated in the book.

The company offers support in several different forms. It includes a technical support phone number and email on its help page, as well as the option to chat live with a representative. Additionally, it has a FAQs section where you can search for solutions to common problems.

While the quality of its photo books is limiting, Walgreens offers a quick service that gets your photo book to you the day you make it. The ability to pick it up in store reduces the cost of shipping and significantly cuts down the wait time. Walgreens Photo is the best photo book service to use to make a quick and simple custom photo book.