patio heaters – Infinita Bonfire Patio Natural, 2017

The Infinita Bonfire Patio Heater has a modern appeal and a unique design for a full-size heater. The outdoor heater has a tall, pyramid shape and a torch flame that shoots directly up through a quartz glass tube in the center. The base is stainless steel and conceals the propane or natural gas tank, adding to the aesthetic quality of the unit. This patio heater also includes tilt-off and flame-off protection, electronic ignition and a sturdy base.

The main charm of this patio heater is in its design. It looks completely different from most full-size heaters. Instead of a large base for the tank and a long, thin shaft, the Infinita Bonfire Patio Heater starts with a base and tampers up in a pyramid shape to the top hood. The flame starts about halfway up and shoots directly up a quartz tube in the center that???s inside a steel cage. For this reason, the ignition switch is placed much lower, so be careful if your patio heater is around children.

One concern with the overall design is the lack of wheels on the base. The patio heater is sturdy and sits comfortably on four legs, but it???s not portable. At about 70 pounds, it’s hard for a single person to lift it and move it around. It also doesn’t have handles.

The point of the high flame design typically found in patio heaters is it allows the top hood to radiate heat to the surrounding area. By shooting the flame directly up the center like the Infinita, less heat reaches the hood and reduces the radius. It keeps you warm if you???re standing immediately next to it, but not if you???re 20 feet away.

The patio heater does include several features to help with your peace of mind. The electronic switch means the unit will light the first time you push the button. You are also able to choose between a propane patio heater or natural gas, depending on your budget. There is tilt protection, which keeps your patio safe if an accident occurs and the heater falls over. This is a sturdy, heavy unit, though, so tilting isn???t a big concern.

This is a showcase patio heater. This is the one you would buy if you???re looking to up the curb appeal of your restaurant or have a talking piece in your backyard patio. For sheer heating, it doesn???t offer the same radius as other full-size heaters. It???s also priced much higher overall.