partition manager software – Spotmau PowerSuite, 2017

Spotmau PowerSuite is a powerful software suite that protects and manages your hard drive and data stored within the device. This partition manager offers you a superb partitioning feature set and adequate backup. Spotmau has designed a user-friendly interface that is supported by Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7 operating systems.


One of the benefits to using the Spotmau PowerSuite is the advanced partitioning features this software provides. You can perform the basic partitioning functions such as creating, deleting, resizing or merging partitions. Each of these partition features, and additional functions, are included on the Partition Genius. This function places all the partitioning features in one place, for easy accessibility. And if you are about to make any drastic changes to your hard drive???s partitions such as deleting, resizing, etc., this partition manager software will analyze your system to ensure that no data will be lost and will alert you if potential data loss may occur.

It can be devastating to discover your computer has crashed and your data is lost. Having your data backed up is vital to avoid stress and frustration. Spotmau PowerSuite provides data backup features to prepare you and save your data. Three backup functions are included on this partition manager software, such as file and folder backup, partition backup and disk backup. These options allow you to choose specifically the information you want saved.

A restore feature set is also available on this partition manager software, which allows you to restore any backup files that may be lost. Once again, you have the option of restoring files or folders, partitions or the entire disk. However, you must have previously backed up the files before any data can be restored.

Spotmau PowerSuite didn???t rank as high with their data backup and restore features because there was no specific command to redistribute free space among partitions and disks easily. To redistribute the space, you must make changes to your created partitions. By making these changes, the potential to create problems or lose data within your partitions greatly increases.

This partition manager software offers a health check feature that will scan your entire computer and look for any errors that may be located on your system. If errors are found, Spotmau PowerSuite will fix the errors or clean out the system. Using this health check feature, you can prevent your computer from slowing down or even crashing.

Data Backup & Restore

One unique feature this partition manager software provides is Spotmau Secretary. This feature includes a calendar, memo pad and clock to keep you up-to-date with events happening in your life. A password finder is also included that searches for any passwords that may be previously stored on your computer.

This partition manager does not offer the option to install an additional operating system onto a hard drive. Additional operating systems are ideal for individuals who share the computer with multiple users or do not want other individuals ruining their computer???s settings. Spotmau PowerSuite does offer a boot manager to manage more than one operating system; this partition manager software just cannot install the system on its own.

Spotmau PowerSuite???s features are organized into sections called kits. These kits are displayed on the main menu of the software and can be confusing during the first use, until you know where specific features are located. There are several kits to choose from, but you do not know what specific features each kit contains until you open the desired section. Once you find the feature you’re looking for, the tasks are easy to execute and understand.

This partition manager software lacked several critical technical support features. Spotmau does offer email and online support but lacks telephone support, which we think is a large drawback. They offer a FAQs section, but it’s not extensive and lacks a significant amount of data.

Spotmau PowerSuite is an all-inclusive software package that will protect and manage your hard drive. The partitioning features were excellent, but the data backup features needed a few minor improvements before they reach the top.


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