parental software – Verity 2017

Many of the nuts and bolts of parental control software that we value are present in Verity Child Monitoring Software. This is an effective tool for making your children safer online. You will be able to block specific programs and websites. You will also be able to look at all of the websites your child views. This application is just a little less intuitive to use overall, though, and its recording features are less sophisticated and less plentiful than its competitors are.


There is no keylogging feature, for instance, but you do have the option to look at screenshots. You can whitelist and blacklist applications, but you need to know the executable filenames ??? which is not exactly rocket science, but a few other parental filter applications make the process more user friendly. You can schedule usage times for your children, but you need to do it with military time. Some of these are minor points, but when other parental monitoring software makes these functions so much easier, it can make a difference.

You will not have pre-set options for age groups with Verity. Some comparable child monitoring software you’ll find removes some of the guesswork by offering suggested levels of filtering for young children, teens and other age groups. With Verity, you will need to create your own standards. Some parents may prefer to have that level of control anyway, though.

This parental control software will help you protect your children by letting you check reports about your child’s usage from any internet-connected device. But you can only filter and monitor your child’s internet usage on PCs with this parental control software. There are no Verity apps to monitor your child’s internet usage on their phones. Also, there is no Mac compatibility. That can be a drawback if your children access the internet in various ways. Even if you have to buy an extra license to monitor differing platforms, it is nice to just work with one parental filter software. You do not have that option with Verity.

Installation is a breeze, and Verity’s support is decent overall. A live chat option would be nice, though, and response times for email support requests could be better.

Verity lacks a few tools we prefer to see, and it could be much easier to use, but most of the basic tools are there. This software will offer peace of mind by filtering out many of the dangers on the internet and recording your child’s activities online.