online property management – Rentec, 2017

Rentec’s online property management offerings come in four flavors. Rentec Basic is a free product to get owners started with limited features. Rentec Pro is a more advanced version of Rentec Basic designed for owners. Rentec for Associations is for HOA officers. Rentec PM is for professional property managers. Rentec’s products focus on private landlords as well as both large and small property management companies. Rentec products are easy to use and have rich feature sets.


Rentec supports online vacancy posting to Craigslist and other rental websites. It lets you receive online rental applications from applicants. You can be confident when you perform tenant screening and criminal background checks from within the product. The service gives you access to national, state and county criminal records, as well as liens, judgments, bankruptcies and eviction records.

Tenants can log into the tenant portal to send rent via EasyPay, view balances and payment history and set email preferences. Managers can configure email to automatically send messages to tenants when payment is due, overdue or received. The product supports multiple tenants at a single property. Rental and vacancy reports are included. The product also tracks work orders and repairs. An owner portal is supported to provide you access to accounting and work orders.

Rentec includes a general ledger and customizable income and expense reports, as well as summaries by account and property. Rentec links bank accounts to properties, a feature that enables you to receive payments and pay expenses separately from property income and money due to owners. ACH payments to owners are available for a small fee per transaction.

Rentec includes reports to show you completed and upcoming EasyPay transactions. The product supports the creation of 1099 reports for owners. A Schedule E helper and a feature to track depreciable improvements assist you in tax preparation chores. Rentec supports recurring transactions for items such as rent, mortgage payments, annual property tax payments and HOA dues.

Rentec products are easy to set up and use. Simple tab-based navigation moves you from properties to tenants and other accounts. Email and phone support are included free of charge if you have a Pro, Association or PM subscription. Rentec Direct also hosts a blog as well.

Although the accounting feature set lacks some features of high-ranked products in our review, Rentec seems to have quite a few of the basics of online property services covered, from online vacancy posting and online applications to tenant and owner portals. The availability of the free version, Rentec Basic, gives you a chance to dabble with online property management before committing the money to upgrade to Rentec Pro or Rentec PM. If you’re looking for a property solution that has excellent tenant screening, Rentec is certainly a viable option.