office software – Corel Office 2017

Corel Office includes everything you need if you’re looking for an office software suite with a word processor, a spreadsheet builder and a presentation creator. Additionally, you can install the office software on up to three computers with just one license, making it easy to have on your desktop, laptop and one more system.


Modeled after the ribbon-style menu interface of Microsoft Word, Corel Write is a word processor that is missing quite a few features we like to see, but for a basic office software suite, it???s an application that will get the job done. You should have no problem creating text documents with the features it does include.

Editing documents, though, may be a bit more difficult with Corel Write. This office application doesn???t include the ability to insert comments or track your changes, features we like to see in a word processor. Additionally, this office application doesn???t have the ability to password protect a document or mark it as read-only.

Corel???s spreadsheet builder, Calculate, includes just about any feature you would want in a spreadsheet application. You will be able to create just about any spreadsheet you need to with this office application. The only feature we are disappointed Calculate doesn???t have is a read-only feature to block other users from editing your spreadsheets. This application also lacks track changes and translation functions.

Creating professional-looking slide show presentations is simple with Corel Show. This application includes many slide styles and templates to choose from to create your presentations. We were disappointed though to find that Corel Show doesn???t include ready-to-use slides with themes. Additionally, this office application doesn???t have the ability to insert a table into a slide.

You shouldn???t have any problems with a file format not being supported with Corel Write as it supports all the most used and newer file formats for text documents, spreadsheets and slide show presentations.

Corel makes it a little difficult to contact them if you need help and support with the software’s applications, but you can contact them by filling out an online contact form. Additionally, Corel has made available frequently asked questions, tutorials and a user forum online that you can reference first before contacting them. Corel Office also has in-program help that you can reference while working in the word processor, spreadsheet builder or presentation creator.

Corel Office is a basic office software suite that includes a word processor, spreadsheet builder and presentation creator. The suite of applications lacks a handful of features, but if you???re not looking for fancy office software, Corel Office is sufficient.