nutrition software – DietPower, 2017

DietPower is refined nutrition software that provides a distinctive feedback and instruction feature to help you stick to your weight-loss goals. The guidelines are tailored to your individual goals and written in an informal style. You’ll get advice in every session and see your current Nutrition Quotient (NQ), which shows your progress. DietPower is the next best thing to a personal nutrition counselor.


DietPower monitors your metabolic rate by comparing weight history with eating and exercise history. It has an “Eating Coach” and several options for support and context-sensitive help links, which take advantage of an effective design that begins with your end goal. Each screen presents detailed information, summarizes with a simple chart and gives you recommendations on how to meet your goal for that day. DietPower gives you encouragement with dialogue and daily inspirational thoughts.

When you first open DietPower, you have to input your physical details and goals in your personal profile. DietPower will give you pointers to reach your goal. It gives a rating of your nutrition and exercise regimen based on the number of pounds you want to lose over the timeframe you select. If your goals are too difficult, you can easily make adjustments until they are more realistic for your situation.

The food log reflects the coaching approach and is an effective calorie counter. Foods are color-coded to show which ones are best for you. You’ll drag and drop from the foods dictionary into your log. You may add foods. And, DietPower goes a step further: You select which groups of foods appear in the dictionary. Most other software includes the entire database of 6,000+ foods, leaving it up to you to delete individually. Here, you choose to display 3,000 common foods, 5,500 rare foods, 2,500 chain-restaurant foods, your own additions or any combination of these groups. Diet Power has a recipe box filled with healthy recipes. Each can be customized and you can add your own recipes that promote good nutrition. DietPower does not support commercial diets.

The exercise log is set up like the food log. Choose between preset activities or add your own. If your exercise varies by speed, DietPower has a calculator to determine your calorie burn rate. You’ll see charts and graphs showing your consumption and progress in every module. You can easily make your own reports and graphs. DietPower allows you to track any variable, including all nutrients.

DietPower tells you your nutrition quotient at every meal and in your summary view and tells you if you’re eating healthy food. It’s an easy way to gauge your progress. The application will recommend foods you can indulge in, if you’re craving a second helping.

DietPower is intuitive and well designed with conversational language and clear graphics. You can change your goals by sliding color-coded bars and then DietPower makes the calculations. Searching is streamlined, which saves you time, and the criteria is flexible so you can modify the databases to reflect your habits.

DietPower has a well-organized, information-packed help section and pop-up wizards on most screens. Help tutorials, a glossary and a web-based FAQs section also provide information on many different topics. Visit the User Forum to share ideas and get support from other DietPower users.

DietPower is your virtual coach for nutrition management and weight loss. Its interactive features provide instant feedback. You’ll make informed decisions to keep you on track, and may even have fun in the process.