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Freeform Games presents a wide selection of murder mystery games that offer a slightly different twist. Besides the necessary sleuthing to find out whodunit, characters in these games must hide some pretty serious secrets of their own and also try to accomplish a number of goals. However, they might find themselves stymied because another characters could be trying to block that goal. You might find these extra facets to Freeform Games will add just the spice you want for your murder mystery party.


One of Freeform Games??? particularly well received party games is ???Lei???d to Rest,??? a web of guilty secrets, not-so-innocent intrigue and deception among people visiting the idyllic Lokuhai Beach on Harmony Cove Resort for a luau. There are some tricky life-threatening near misses for a few characters and, for at least one unfortunate soul, there is a deadly reckoning on what was to be a pleasant outing in an isolated tropical paradise.

Is it human chicanery at the heart of human death? On the other hand, is an ancient goddess exacting her revenge for the misdeeds of early Anglo explorers? All the characters will have to use the secrets, information and abilities provided to them, along with their own creative spirits, to ferret out the truth and find the evildoer.

Freeform Games provides detailed instructions for the host, who gets to play the game, and character information for quite a diverse group of people, both tourists and Hawaiian natives. All have embarrassing or even incriminating secrets they have tried to keep hidden. However, to the chagrin of various characters, these low-down secrets might be revealed and even point the finger toward someone for a nasty homicide.

This manufacturer has games for adults that include the regular and clean versions. There also are games for teenagers and children, and the company???s web site comes in especially handy here. The site displays a list of games originally written for adults that can be played by teens ages 15 and up. It indicates which games make references to marital infidelities, voodoo, magic, alcohol or anything else that some parents might deem inappropriate for their teenagers.

The company???s web site offers recommendations for choosing and planning a party. There is one nice touch: You can get extra characters for free if you find there are more guests than you had expected.

In addition, you can choose to create some characters of your own and submit them to the company for its approval. The firm will check for such things as possible copyright infringements, offensive content and other things. The site does not include suggestions for decorating your home nor printable winner certificates.

Freeform includes invitations that you can print and mail. You also can email invitations and character background information to your guests. However, there are no MP3 downloads or CDs.

You get good email support from Freeform Games. The web site also presents FAQs with information about how to host a successful murder mystery party, as well as a discussion forum. However, you do not have phone support, videos or live chat.

If you are seeking a well-managed and carefully constructed murder mystery for your party, then take a look at what Freeform Games has to offer. It could turn out to be the first in a series of dinner party games hosted at your house and talked about by your friends for weeks to come.