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The Microsoft Zune 120 is definitely one MP4 player to give consideration when you’re finding the right multimedia player for you. This gadget may not have all the features offered by other video players, but the features it does include are all directed at creating the best music and movie experience possible. If you are serious about your music, you just may be serious about this MP4 player.

Appearance & Storage Capacity

Created just for movie-watching bliss, the 3.2-inch screen presents a larger area for viewing than most MP4 players. Most users commented that they were impressed and satisfied with the image quality of the Zune 120. The Zune measures 4.25 x 2.4 x 0.5 inches, and it weighs in at just 0.28 pounds. Plus, it will fit nicely into your pocket.

The storage capacity on this MP4 player is the best we???ve seen yet. The Zune 120 has a hard drive that holds up to 120GB of storage, hence the name Zune 120. This drive space provides plenty of space for all your movies, music, and pictures, and you won???t have to worry about running out of space. In fact, with this storage capacity, you can store up to 375 hours of video, 30,000 songs or 25,000 pictures.

The battery will last for 30 hours on music playback, and it will last for four hours on movie playback. As this MP4 player can hold up to 375 hours of video, we wish the battery lasted longer, so you could enjoy more of those movies in one sitting.; Despite the lack of a touch screen on this MP4 player, the Zune interface is easy to navigate. In fact, many users prefer the Zune???s controls to the iPod???s control wheel.

One of the Zune 120???s strongest features is by far the Wi-Fi. Microsoft has harnessed the power of the Wi-Fi to present an easier, fun way to experience music. First of all, you can wirelessly connect to the Zune market place and directly purchase and download music or movies onto your Zune 120. You can also wirelessly sync your Zune with your PC. This makes it easier than ever for you to access music.

If you hear a song you like when you are listening to the FM radio on your Zune, you can instantly buy that song. The Zune will identify the song and automatically download it when you’re at a wireless hotspot. The Wi-Fi on the Zune also allows you to connect with other Zune users. You can even share music and audio podcasts with other users. They can listen to your songs up to three times before the songs disappear from their MP4 player.


Microsoft provides a great way to expand your music collection. With the Zune Pass, you can download an unlimited amount of songs. The Zune Pass requires a monthly subscription, and you will only keep the songs you have downloaded as long as you are a member. However, as part of the pass, you can keep ten songs a month. This is a great way to learn about new musicians and musical genres without spending a lot of money on songs or albums.

The Zune Pass has another advantage. Much like Pandora, Microsoft will build you a custom channel every week based on your genre preferences. You can also listen to exercise channels that that keep a constant beat for walkers or runners. The channels provided by the Zune Pass are another great way to discover music.

The Zune 120 is compatible with five video formats and four audio formats, so it is fairly easy to play all the media files you want. The wireless sync makes it especially easy to put your files onto your MP4 player.

You can contact Microsoft through telephone support to get help. Also, a knowledgebase, online forums, troubleshooting guides and even twitter support are some other places you can look to find answers to your questions.

We appreciate that Microsoft has provided free software upgrades for the Zune in the past, so users didn???t have to buy a new MP4 player to get the newest features. We expect that Microsoft will continue doing this in the future.

The Zune 120 is an excellent choice for an MP4 player because it gives you easy access to music downloads and sharing. We feel that the Wi-Fi on this device helps to make it a superior music and movie player.

Video & Audio File Formats

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