mp3 players – Creative Zen X-Fi 32GB

The Creative Zen X-Fi 32GB is a great improvement on its smaller-scale predecessors, offering the same multimedia functionality and wireless internet capability but with an expanded storage capacity that achieves a strong balance between Hard Drive MP3 players that boast larger storage capacities yet lack wireless functionality and Flash Drive MP3 players that offer wireless functionality but little room for video and MP3 data.; While the iPod Touch and Cowon D2 still have some advantages over the Creative Zen X-Fi 32GB, it does have several features that make a compelling argument for the Flash Drive MP3 player.

Standout Features

The Creative Zen X-Fi 32GB features a powerful built-in FM radio tuner that greatly expands its usability and everyday functionality. Coupled with its impressive battery performance that offers up to 30 hours of continuous audio playback and nearly 5 hours for video playback on one full charge and built-in audio compression restoration software, the Creative Zen X-Fi 32GB delivers a level of quality few other MP3 players offer, for a much longer time. Though, the Creative Zen X-Fi 32GB lacks a touch-screen interface, which greatly reduces its internet functionality, it can stream content directly from your PC.; The built-in speaker functions as both an impressively powerful media speaker for audio and video content, as well as a high-fidelity voice recorder perfect for recording memos. The included noise-cancelling headphones are an added bonus, one that most MP3 players do not include.

One of the most common complaints about the Creative Zen X-Fi 32GB is its interface. Other than the standard audio command buttons, there is little indication given to the function of various buttons. For audio and video playing, this presents little problem. However, for additional web and FM radio uses, the function of the buttons changes with the context and requires product manual reference or some extended trial and error. This complaint is fairly typical for all non-touchscreen multimedia devices with some internet functionality and, given the push towards touchscreen interfaces, one that could be remedied with future Creative Zen X-Fi releases. In the meantime, the customizable shortcut button does still simplify use.; The Creative Zen X-Fi 32GB receives high marks from critics and users for its outstanding video display, which displays in 16.7 million colors for rich and detailed picture, impressive audio quality, which is aided by both its built-in audio compression restoration software and its included sound-cancelling ear buds, and its built-in features like USB port, as opposed to proprietary connector, and speaker.

While the Creative Zen X-Fi 32GB could learn a lot from category leader iPod Touch, the iPod Touch could also take a few notes from the Creative Zen X-Fi 32GB, which offers 3rd party software support, actual USB port and PC-free data deletion. However, given the touchscreen functionality and apps availability particular to the iPod Touch, the strengths of the Creative Zen X-Fi 32GB are noteworthy, but not yet persuasive to pick it over the iPod Touch.

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