mp3 encoder software – Virtuosa Gold

A blast from the past, Virtuosa Gold, can do a lot. This MP3 encoder is presented more as an audio player that does a little bit of everything- you are only a mouse click away from throwing your next party.


Standout Features

At first glance, you’ll wonder what the heck this program is. The screenshots all show intense graphics and lots of different windows. If you aren’t immediately turned off by the visual presentation of this program, then you won’t be disappointed. Try to think of this program as an alternative to iTunes. It’s an audio player that can convert you audio files and play them back for you. You can make playlists and then have Virtuosa Gold crossfade between each track. While the songs are playing, the program has the option of putting on a show with its visualizer function. It will also play your favorite video files on your computer. For those wanting an MP3 converter that does more than just encode their files, Virtuosa is a program to consider.

Because it’s presented as a party on your computer, it can regulate the volume levels of each file to match the others, normalizing your tracks, avoiding those awkward quiet or loud moments. If you really like the playlist that you’ve assembled and converted with this program, you can even burn it to a CD. If you have a great party CD screaming to get onto your computer, you can import it as well.

While it will play a large range of files, audio and video, it will only convert the audio files. The major file formats are all covered, WAV, WMA, MP3 and OGG.

This program makes it difficult to utilize its many features. First, the program comes with an extremely bold background that makes it distracting to do much. Second, this program behaves like software that creates a workspace by opening up individual windows within the software screen for each separate action the program can perform. This might make sense in another context, but with a crazy background and lots of windows to pick through, it’s difficult to figure out where you can do what. It will take some time for you to get used to this program and doesn’t help that everything also looks a little dated.


Ironically, since this program seems to be the most opaque in its uses, it has fabulous user support. There is an extensive forum for you to take advantage of, providing other users to chat with and discuss the problems and triumphs of Virtuosa Gold. The developers also provide a flash tutorial to walk you through the program’s intricacies and an FAQ to read through if you so choose. On top of all that, they even provide an email for you to use should all these other sources of user support fall through. But one wonders if a little more effort in streamlining this program would cut down on all the need for all of the user support options.

Purchasing this software means you get a license for life. Each time an update is made, you simply download the new free trial over the older preexisting version and the two merge under the license you purchased.

Virtuosa Gold is a strange bird. It is a MP3 converter, but it’s also a less user-friendly evil twin of iTunes. It plays music, video, cross fades between tracks, rips and burns CDs; it even has a visualizer, everything you might want for a fully integrated experience. It’s just a shame that it’s done so poorly. If you need something more straightforward check out our top rated MP3 encoder software reviews.

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